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Tents – How To Buy The Best Tent

If you’re a new camper and you are now preparing for your first ever camping trip, either through yourself or with family or friends, it is very important to know the kinds of tents that are available in the market so that you should select the right one that best suits your environment and needs. There are a few important factors to consider about selecting a tent and this page will help you in identifying the different styles so that you could make the greatest choice. But before that, you should learn the different forms of tents available:

Different Type of Tents

  • Conventional A-Frame Tents

The A frame tents will be your typical “A” shaped tents if erected. They’re lightweight through themselves yet have an additional tarp for further weather protection. But, they could be a bit heavier to carry around. Inside, they are not very spacious because of abrupt sloping sides. They’re a simple and ordinary shelter yet they aren’t extremely sturdy from the strong winds. Usually, this form of tent consists of 2 poles at every end to create an apex with one ridgepole that runs down the middle.

  • Modified A-Frame Tents

The variance between the traditional A-Frame tent and the modified A-Frame tent is that the improved version uses curved poles rather than the straight poles. It gives more stability as well as enhanced head & interior space. The other advantage of the modified A-Frame tent is the entire coverage rain fly which permits you to leave the tarp in your home.

  • Tunnel Tents

These tents offer exceptional stability when pitched end-on to the winds. But, if they’re pitched on the other way, these tents are less steady. Usually, these are made of 2 or more poles that run the breadth of the structure and this shape is making for improved interior space & head room. The overall durability and strength differ from this tent to the other, depending on the quality of the sizes, materials and the tent poles.

Single Hoop Tents vs Dome Tents

  • Hoop Tents

Hoop tents have those curved poles on the either ending to help in retaining the stability and shape. The guy ropes should be tied with fasteners, and staked sensibly for finest pitching. Usually, they’re made of 3 arched frames for some expansive areas & head room. The advantage of this particular shape is that the water and snow could just slide off. Ensure that you support any textiles because when they aren’t staked down correctly, they would rattle and will fold in the air. This form of tent is the most compact and lightest packing tent in the market.

  • Single Hoop

The single hoop tents are made of one curved pole and these are normally designed to accommodate one to two persons. These tents do not do well in the sturdy side winds but are somewhat durable when the wind is running against the tent’s spine. Single hoop tents are suitable for backpacking and cycling because of their space & weight factors.

  • Dome Tents

These are the most famous choice among the group and family campers. Normally, they are made of two to three poles that pass one another across the roof’s center and such tents offer spacious living regions, excellent head room & at times, the capability of having separate rooms & porches for storing equipment and gear. These are simple to pitch and these are steady and they could handle tough conditions like snow in a much better manner compared to some other types of tents available. The dome tents are normally free standing so that you could move them all over whilst erected that could come in handy in case of wind direction or weather changes.

Other Tent Types

There could be some other forms of tents available so you really have more and more choices to choose from. These choices include safari tents and yurts but these are typically more permanent for various purposes. To find out the best choice for you, it is very important to take the most important factors that you must take into account:

Size – Pick The Best Tent By Size

Possibly, the most important factor to consider is the tent’s size. It should be wide and huge enough so you can sleep comfortably. It has to be big enough so that it can be used to store your camping gear & accessories. Eating space, head room and the living space is optional, based on what you need.

Mind The Material of The Tent

It is also important to think about the material used in making the tent you are planning to buy. Whilst canvas is sturdy, it is also extremely heavy. Nylon is lighter but is specifically designed for cool conditions. Polyester is suitable for a long period of time in the case of sunny conditions since the material can endure sunlight exposure.

Weather Condition

Whatever kind of tent you choose to buy, ensure that it is suitable to the weather. It means that you have to make sure that it is a hundred percent with the rain fly which provides total and wide coverage. Think about choosing a tent porch which will be suitable for keeping wet items that you do not like to be stored within the tent.


A strong tent would be invaluable against the strong blows of winds and some other conditions. Sturdy tent poles, quality pegs & secured fastenings would help. Select a tent that comes with dual sewn seams for complete durability.


Can you pitch your tent easily? Could you do this alone or do you require help from the camping associates?

How to Pick the Best Tents?

Now that you already have something to consider, you should get started to look for the best camping tent that you should choose. Be sure that you read reviews as well before you think of finding any specific model. Choose the model that is most recommended by other campers out there. Hopefully, you will be able to make the best decision.

You can also ask for some suggestions from the best camping tents available from people you trust, such as your relatives and friends.