The North Face Bastion 4 Expedition Tent Review

Trekking is a thrilling experience and you could have a memorable expedition full of stories to share provided you do the work in advance. Proper preparation is a key factor in going outdoors for the night. This is why any expedition would be incomplete without a suitable tent. That’s where The North Face Bastion 4 Expedition Tent comes in.

Usually, trekking is a group activity and thus one of the best 4 person tents is what would ensure your good night sleep. The rough weather at high altitudes could be very difficult to handle. There are times when the storm can take days to settle off. At times like this, you’d need a  reliable tent like this one:

The North Face Bastion 4 Expedition Tent - The Best 4 Person Tent 

The North Face Bastion Expedition 4 Person Tent Background

Once the decision has been made to take a technical expedition, gearing up for the trip with a great tent is first and foremost. We usually don’t give much thought to the tent we have, but it could make or break your trip. The North Face Bastion 4 person tent is ideal for extreme weather conditions in the craziest of places. It’s reduced weight and resilient built are only some of the benefits this tent has to offer. This lightweight tent is designed for fast movement, as it weighs only 7 pounds and 10 ounces, which anyone can carry with ease.

The water-resistant finish makes this gem here your best friend in bad weather. The tent features a cut-in nylon bucket floor that provides structural power when there are strong winds. What is more, the combined high and low venting options stop the moisture from building up along the inner chamber. This prevention against moisture helps in staying comfortable during severe snowstorms.

The North Face Bastion 4 Person Tent - Ultralight Tent

Additional Features Review

The North Face Bastion 4 person tent also has a fly that has attached reinforcements at important points to fight the extremely demanding weather. It has DAC poles and support that gives the highest strength with minimum weight.

In this lightweight hiking tent review, we reveal all the features you need to know.

The tent has contemplative ropes that are tough and attach at multiple points with equalizers. It has four snow stakes that can be easily set up in snowy situations. The consolidation of pole sleeves and clips aid in an easy installation anywhere and increases the strength of the tent. The polyethene windows have been tested at -60 degrees Fahrenheit for cracks to prove its resistance level. A doorway with glow in the dark elements, portable hangers, and double doors make it an ideal companion for camping. It also has a provision of 10 interior pockets to store items and gears.

In conclusion, The North Face Bastion 4 Person Expedition Tent is the best choice you could make if you love adventure and like to test your limits with expeditions in extreme conditions.

The North Face Bastion 4 Person Expedition Tent
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