Core 6 Person Dome Tent Review

Camping In All 4 Seasons With 6 Person Tent

For camping enthusiasts, the season is not a deterrent at all. Rather, they love to go camping in any season. It is possible to do so, provided you have the best 4 season tent at your disposal. Camping is mostly a family or friends gathering and you’d need big enough tent to ensure comfortable group camping. If you love having fun with your people, then you should definitely check out the Core 6 Person Dome Tent. While the choices for tents are many, the Core 6 Person Dome Tent is of the best 6 person tents that you can pick up. It guarantees a safe and comfortable camping night. The tent comes in an attractive mud brown and grey combination that is apt for a camping tent. Core 6 Person Dome Tent Review

Key Features Review – Core 6 Person Dome

Two is a company, and 6 is fun- if you don’t believe it, just head out for a camping trip with this 6 person tent from Core Equipment. At 11′ x 9′, it is quite spacious with a centre height clearance of 72 as well. The best part is that it can easily fit two queen air mattresses. This is more than enough for 6 people to sleep comfortably. Core 6 Person Dome Tent Attach Lighter

The fact that this spacious tent comes with a Core H20 block technology is especially relevant. The benefits of this technology are:

  • It comes with water repellent fabrics.
  • The seams are sealed properly and the rainfly is fully taped.
  • There are door/window seals too for rain resistance.

In addition, it also has an adjustable ground vent so you can adjust it according to your preferences and the season.

This awesome 6 person tent pack comes with a rain fly in addition to tent stakes and a carry bag. These features make the tent easy to install and easy to take it down.

 Core 6 Person Dome Tent Electricity

The fact that it can be easily packed and carried  makes it a good choice for every trekker out there.

Another interesting feature of the Core 6 Person Dome Tent is the gear loft with a lantern hook so you don’t have to stumble in the dark. The gear loft also has pockets to keep any items in it so that the tent floor is free and uncluttered. All these features add value to the life of a camper.

Air Ventilation and Other Features

It comes with an adjustable air intake vent for drawing in cool air from the ground. In addition, it also has a mesh ceiling that allows hot air to escape. Furthermore, this one also has an electrical cord access port so you can power any of your devices and last, but definitely not least, the port is fully closable if you are not using it. So, if you are thinking of fun camping, make sure to check out Core 6 Person Dome Tent!


Core 6 Person Dome Tent
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