Your tent choice is always a big decision, especially when choosing the best backpacking tent. Why? Your best backpacking tent is going to protect you from weather. Moreover, it will keep the bugs at bay while you rest and sleep. If you choose the wrong tent, you could end up with an uncomfortable and bulk pack. Consequently, it will result in a heavy backpack to trek with. Thus, it’s important to read our backpacking tent reviews and choose the best on the market.

How To Choose The Best Backpacking Tent

Don’t despair, there is good news on the horizon. Thankfully, tents have come a long way over the years. Therefore, you have a wide variety of backpacking tent reviews to choose from. With so many backpacking tents to choose from, you have a big decision on your hands.

As such, there are a variety of factors to consider as you look for the best backpacking tent.

Backpacking Tent Review of Space & Weight

There are some general unwritten rules you need to know while reading the review.

First of all, the smaller it is, the lighter it will be, and the better to carry. Secondly, the smaller your load, the quicker you will be. Best backpacking tent can weigh as little as just two pounds. Additionally, they won’t take up too much space in your pack. They’re generally a similar size to a sleeping pad. However, many these ultralight backpacking tents don’t have flooring, which make them more shelter-like. This could leave you at risk of bugs and not much heat insulation. Ultralight backpacking tents are not a good option for an arid desert environment. You should plan for a tent that has a floor and weighs at least three (up to eight) pounds.

The general rule of thumb is that your tent should weight around 2.5 pounds for every person. Don’t panic, though, because the weight can be split across your group. One person can handle the poles, one the tent, and another the rain fly. Know the lingo!

Packaged Weight: This includes absolutely everything that comes with the tent, including the packaging.

Trail Weight: This is the lightest way you can lug the full setup. It doesn’t include stakes, stuff sacks, or guy lines.

Fast Pitch: This is simply the poles, footprint, and fly.

Always look at the backpacking tent packaged weight. This will allow you to rest easy knowing it won’t ever weigh more than that. Make difference between best lighweight tent and ultralight tent

Choose Backpacking Tent By Number of Persons

When it comes to the best backpacking tents, the two-person option is best. Though, if you have company, whether it’s a pet, child, or friend, go with a three-person tent.Backpacking Tent Reviews | Tents Zone

When choosing from backpacking tent reviews you must factor in emergencies. Even if the forecast doesn’t suggest rain, prepare for it. As such, you will need space for boots, and additional gear. You’ll want to choose a larger tent to store all of this.

Seasonal Options

No plans to backpack during the winter, or even very often? Then a three-season tent should be more than sufficient. It will keep you comfortable and warm through autumn, spring, and summer. However, if you have plans to go backpacking during the winter then a four-season tent is a must.

Three-Season Backpacking Tent Reviews

Three Season best backpacking tent is the most popular option. They are lightweight shelters perfectly designed for the mild months. When they are hitched properly they can handle light snow, and even a downpour of rain. However, they’re not the right choice for the harsh storms of winter. Nor are they sufficient for heavy snow, or high winds. 3 season backpacking tent key features review:

  • Light fabric and fewer poles
  • Upright walls to provide adequate headroom
  • Mesh panels to increase airflow, while keeping insects at bay.

Extended-Season Backpacking Tents

This option is suitable for the mild seasons. In addition to this, the later fall months where you can expect moderate snow. They’re the best backpacking tents for visiting high elevations, where you are exposed. Additionally, they feature lightweight walls that are both breathable and waterproof. They’re the perfect option for dry, but cold, conditions. Their key features are:

  • Extra poles for additional stability
  • Fewer mesh panels to provide more warmth
  • Upright walls to provide adequate headroom

Four-Season Mountaineering Tents

This is a winter tent, and one of the best backpacking tents available. It’s been built to withstand heavy snow, and fierce winds. However, they may feel stuffy during the mild seasons as they feature less ventilation. The key features of the four-season mountaineering tent:

  • Heavier fabrics
  • Extra poles for added stability
  • Fewer mesh panelling
  • Extendable rainfly
  • A rounded design allowing it to handle high winds and heavy snow

Best Backpacking Tent Design Features

It is true, not all backpacking tents were created equal. That is especially true when looking and review their features. You will find many tents equipped with pockets inside, vents, multiple entry points, and more. In fact, many large tents even have a vestibule area.While some had a bathtub floor to withstand rainy weather.Best Backpacking Tent Setup

Now, not every tend needs these features, but some of them are invaluable. It’s important that you know what features you consider invaluable. Consider the climate you will experience when using your backpacking tent. Think about the terrain you tend to trek through.

For instance, multiple entry points will make it easier to come and go. A bathtub floor will make you more water resistant. Multiple vents will provide more airflow.

Once you have selected the best backpacking tent, you should get to know it. Even before your first outing, you should take time to learn the features. Take time to set it up at home, and make sure all the parts are there. You need to know how to set everything up, regardless of the water. You also want to ensure you’ve thought of everything. It is not a good point to arrive at site only to realize that you’re without something important.

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