Timber Ridge Large Family Tent Review

Vacations are the best way to recharge the run down batteries. Being among the nature requires proper equipment. We are reviewing Timber Ridge Large Family Tent for Camping with Carry Bag. It is one of the best family tent available today.Timber Ridge Large Family Tent Review - Best Family TentWhat then can be better than a holiday that doesn’t involve staying in overcrowded hotels that are pricey, offer pathetic room services and don’t in general like kids around the place? Yes, a camping holiday is a great way to de-stress, get away from the heat and relax without going broke. This Timber Ridge offering is great 8 person tent.

Timber Ridge Large Family Tent for Camping Review of Features

One of the very first things when we are talking for tents is their capacity.

Timber Ridge Large Family Tent for Camping with Carry Bag, center height 80 is inches large. This is enough space for even 10 persons. Of course, it is varying by personal dimensions. Thats why, here at Best Family Tent Reviews, we are listing it as 8 man tent.

Size: 14′ x 10′ x 80″
Weight: 22.26 lbs ~10kg


  • front 2 D shape door
  • 1 room divider makes 2 room space
  • 5 windows and top mesh panel

The plenty of windows provides cross ventilation. In addition the removable seam-sealed fly, provides reliable weather protection.
Accessories included in the package:

  • Inner Tent
  • Flysheet
  • Carrying Bag
  • Guy Ropes x 4
  • Steel stakes x 14

Timber Ridge Large Family Tent for Camping comes with 1-year warranty by manufacturer.

Timber Ridge Large Family Tent – Camping Tips

First of all, what you need is a tent that will hold 8 persons or more. Timber Ridge Large Family Tent is considered to be the best 8 person tent. It is quality, roomy tent with an easy set up factor. Large family tents give everyone what they are looking for. Space, privacy or companionship; you can choose a camping site and pitch your tent wherever you want, whenever you want.

Timber Ridge Large Family Tent for Camping with Carry Bag ReviewGenerally best family tents are often looked upon as being bulky and rather heavy to cart around. Have in mind the Timber Ridge tent is different. It is spacious, allows lot of natural light to seep through. It comes with high ceilings and lots of room for all your stuff. As a result it is very comfortable-all of which makes your holiday very pleasant.

Of course, setting up a tent is always the trickiest part. Here, the Timber Ridge Large Family Tent scores over the others. The fiberglass frame has pole pockets. Timber Ridge tent is equipped with more than half a dozen steel stakes, fixing hooks and guy ropes. They all together contribute to easy setup and stability of the tent. An extra density fly frame augurs greater stability and protection from inclement weather.

Portability and Accessibility

Portability is always a huge factor as the tents go along with you as camping sites change according to changes in moods. Timber Ridge’s best family tents are lightweight, easy to clean and can be stored in the carry bag that comes along with it. Consequently it’s no surprise that it figures amongst the top brands and is regarded as the best family tent.

Easy accessibility and exit is a must for any tent. These large family tents are invariably fitted with two D styled doors in front that allow free movement. Timber Ridge Large Family Tent Among NatureIn addition, there is a room divider that can be pushed to the end to make one big spacious room. Another option is to push it to the center to make two rooms. Therefore, this is especially important when some of the family want privacy. With sleeping bags or air beds on the floor and lots of cubby holes to organize your extra stuff, the Timber Ridge large family tent lives up to its name as the best 8 person tent. Moreover, the mash body affords great ventilation and you can see nature at its best whenever you want.

Timber Ridge Large Family Tent for Camping Review Conclusion

Large family tents offer the perfect blend of ease of travel. As a result no hotel reservations to worry about and no hotel bills to foot. So, parents and their kids can have the time of their lives and about as perfect a holiday as they can visualize. Living as you like, free and unrestrained is the key to a wonderful holiday. In addition, with stars visible overhead, greenery all around, insects kept at bay and a light roof over your head—you need no more to properly relax.

If you plan family camping, Timber Ridge Large Family Tent is what you need. Furthermore it is super easy to setup. So it takes about 20 min for two people to put this together. In conclusion, Timber Ridge Large Family Tent is perfect size and the venelation is great.

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