Best Lightweight Tent | Lightweight Hiking Tent Review

For the best camping experience, hikers have sought to get the best lightweight tent to make the journey easier. These tents are also referred as lightweight hiking tent. The hikers are already carrying many other things as they hike. Nothing is bigger than the tent, which is bulky and heavy. Companies have now invested in lightweight hiking tent and sold them for a reasonable price to all hikers. Some people prefer the regular tent for aesthetic purposes. On the other side here are a lot of reasons people should invest in the such tent.

If you are one these people continue to read our review. Otherwise you can always read about best pop up tent or best backpacking tent.

A few ounces may not seem a lot, but having the weight of packing gear as light as possible is crucial. This makes you enjoy the backpacking trips anywhere. Best lightweight tent makes hiking even more fun and easier. As mentioned, the tent will be probably the heaviest thing to carry. The quality of the tent should not be sacrificed to save weight, which is why the ultra-lightweight tents have been created for hiking enthusiasts. This includes protection, interior space, and setup of the tent. Lightweight tents also succeed in design, which helps in giving an individual the most space to fit in.

Best Lightweight Tent Key Factors Review

The best lightweight tent is great in shielding hikers from the harsh weather that could come, such as rain, wind, or possibly snow. This lightweight hiking tent will keep them safe, warm, and dry. It will be determined if the walls are one or two-layered; one-layer saves plenty of ounces, but two-layered gives more protection from leaks. Lightweight hiking tent have capacity for two people at most because it’s less material being used. Be aware of that for those who have more than two people camping.

The main factor for this type ot tents is durability. With lightweight tents, thinner material is used which can make it less durable than a normal tent. However, these tents can last a long time and are built to not tear easily. Lightweight tents also don’t have a footprint, which some consider them unnecessary for the tent. Again, it depends on the hiker on what they want in their tent. By taking away these bonus features of the tent, they shed off a good chunk of weight to make the hike with the tent easier.

The lightweight tent to buy depends on the person, who knows what is worth carrying on the journey. There are a ton of little things that can keep the tent light to carry. Design and poles and thickness of the material all play a part in the lightness of the tent. The lightweight tents are all listed online and their reviews show their prices and features. Research all of the reviews to see what other hikers are saying about these lightweight hiking tents and what they can do. Carrying less weight on the trip improves the experience of spending the night in the woods beneath the stars.

Lightweight Hiking Tent Downfalls Review

We have given you the perks and greatness of lightweight tents, however like with any product that you buy there will be downfalls. Let’s talk a little bit about the downfalls of lightweight tents before move on to purchasing one. We need to make sure that a lightweight tent is what is best for our needs.

Lightweight tents tend to be small, which is one of the main reasons that they are lightweight. They will sleep one, two and sometimes 3 people. Most of them you can not stand up in, you would be lucky enough to kneel in one and not rub your head on the top or sides. Sleeping more than 2 people in a lightweight tent can also be a little cramped and shoulder to shoulder type conditions.

Besides being a bit on the small side, lightweight hiking tent is tend to be made of thin breathable materials. These materials are not necessarily ideal for keeping warmth in and moisture at bay. These tents would be great for warmer and dryer climates. More humid climates you may see an excess of condensation on the inside of your tent, which can also make your gear and clothing damp, which in turn will make for not so comfortable sleeping conditions. This is caused by the lightweight material that is often synthetic and breathable. You can however dry out the condensation by leaving your best lightweight tent open to air out, using the screen type door that will be on your tent.

Leave Your Gear Outside

Lightweight hiking tents also tend to offer no protection to your gear. They are designed with the idea that you will leave your gear outside of the tent. This exposes your gear to the elements you are trying to protect yourself from. No one wants to carry a soaking wet backpack or take a chance that their expensive camera may get wet or destroyed by a nuisance animal. While of course you can bring your gear into the tent with you, but it will take up extra space that may not necessarily be available. It will also leave you potentially getting your sleeping bag wet. Being there is no space in a small lightweight tent to keep wet clothing or rain gear, you can assure that your belongings intended to keep dry can get wet.

Is The Best Lightweight Tent For Me ?

As we always advice our clients at Tents Zone, ask yourself several questions before buying any kind of tent:

  1. How many people you plan to accommodate in the lightweight hiking tent?
  2. What time of year, you plan to use the tent the most?

While lightweight tents are great for the quick hiker or someone looking for minimal coverage over night, it’s not great for families. They are designed for short period uses. They are also not designed for cold or humid climates. All in all it’s best to know what you are getting into before you purchase a tent and commit to camping. A lightweight tent is not ideal for everyone, nor is it comfortable for everyone.

The North Face Bastion 4 Expedition Tent Review

Trekking is a thrilling experience and you could have a memorable expedition full of stories to share provided you do the work in advance. Proper preparation is a key factor in going outdoors for the night. This is why any expedition would be incomplete without a suitable tent. That’s where The North Face Bastion 4 Expedition Tent comes in.

Usually, trekking is a group activity and thus one of the best 4 person tents is what would ensure your good night sleep. The rough weather at high altitudes could be very difficult to handle. There are times when the storm can take days to settle off. At times like this, you’d need a  reliable tent like this one:

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Another great feature of Hilleberg Nallo 2 is it is very lightweight hiking tent. It is 2 person tent and of the best lightweight tent available today.
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This offering by Coleman is lightweight hiking tent and very easy to set up. It is described as the best 2 person tent choice for newbies due to its great features and low cost. In addition in is also famous as one of best backpaing tent on the market today

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