Hilleberg Nallo 2 Lightweight Hiking Tent Review

Camping with Hilleberg Nallo 2 Person Tent is undoubtedly a very enjoyable experience. It helps you experience nature in its purest form. Thanks to its tunnel construction, this tent can accommodate 2 person. It is referred as one of the best 2 person tent available. Hilleberg Nallo 2 Person Tent Now, camping helps you take a break, a real break and reconnect with your family or friends. From campfires to just talking with your partner, there are very many ways to entertain yourself during this period.

Another great feature of Hilleberg Nallo 2 is it is very lightweight hiking tent. It is 2 person tent and of the best lightweight tent available today.

Hilleberg Nallo 2 Person Tent Key Features Review

Our experts review all you need to know about Hilleberg Nallo 2 Person Tent.

  • Very lightweight and compact- 5.2 lbs (~2kg).

Poles, pegs and their bags are 1.20 lbs. The tent itself is 4.0 lbs. The low weight makes it great choice even for hikers, who are not than strong. The tent and its poles fit loosely in the bag.

  • Outer tent fabric – Kerlon 1200 with 9mm poles

This makes Hilleberg Nallo 2 Person Tent very lightweight and provide more stability to it.

  • Extendable in all aspects

The outer walls can be extended to the ground. In addition all mesh zones come with fully adjustable fabric panels

  • Tunnel construction – floor area is 30 sq

This construction provides maximum space to weight ratio. As a result this makes Hilleberg Nallo 2 Person Tent very lightweight and an ideal choice for mobile journeys.

  • One of the Best 2 Person Tent available

It is ideal for two people. If you want to accommodate more people, better go for 3 person tent or even 4 person tent.
The inner and outer tent is separable – this allows simultaneous pitching.

The most important part before going camping is buying that perfect tent. The best 2 person tent provides you a safe haven and will keep you comfortable to help you enjoy your stay. With Hilleberg Nallo 2 Person tent you have the best lightweight tent out there.

This Hilleberg Nallo 2 helps you create wonderful memories that will always give you happy feel. For the exterior of the tent, Kerlon 1200 is used. This fabric is supreme and makes the tent lightweight. Also, you can easily carry this tent in your bag. So, you can effortlessly carry them even while hiking. This makes Hilleberg Nallo 2 one of the best possible options available.

Hilleberg Nallo 2 Person Tent – Attention to details

This design of this tent is like a tunnel because this way you get to enjoy a large space. The mesh areas of the tent come with adjustable panels. Therefore, you can alter them according to your needs. The tents provide you proper ventilation that will ensure you sleep like a baby. No wonder then, that this is the best lightweight tent, usable as 4 season tent.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, then camping is definitely for you. With Hilleberg Nallo 2, you are going to have a blast. This tent will provide you, and your partner a cozy and a private stay. These tents have the ability to stay strong during any season, hence it is the best lightweight tent. Also, if you are worried about pesky little bugs and insects, the mesh panels will keep them away.

Hilleberg Nallo 2 Person Tent Review Conclusion

When we live in the city, due to pollution etc., stars are something we don’t see very often. Well, that will not be the case when you decide to go camping. When go camping or hiking it is important to use top quality products. We guarantee Hilleberg Nallo 2 is such product.

The most common notion is that camping is tough, but no, it is really a lot of fun. Also, the best part is that camping is not very heavy on the pocket. For company, you will have a stunning view and not to forget, you can enjoy breathtaking moments of the mighty sun, such as sunrise and sunset.

In this tent, there is an option where you can separate the inner and the outer tent layers to use them at the same time. Finally, when it comes to its looks, it is extremely good looking. These tents are built to give you a large space and can endure even harsh weather conditions.

Hilleberg Nallo 2 Person Tent Price
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