Best Ultralight Tent Review

If you hike, bike, or climb, you recognize the importance of carrying a light load.  But, if you are out for a longer trip, you definitely must bring supplies. It is really important to pick the best ultralight tent for many reasons. What you pack is an interactive system, including shelter, sleeping, clothing, and sustenance (hydration, food).  You may also want to bring a GPS or first aid kit, if possible.  Your shelter and sleeping component should complement one another for protection from temperature and weather.

Continue reading this review if you go for the best ultralight tent. If this is more than you need, no worries read our best lightweight tent article. On those long trips, however, you must pack as light as possible.  You should keep your load as light as is practical and safe for your adventure.  One way to keep your load light is to pack a shelter component that is light. An ultralight tent can provide good shelter and still help achieve a lighter load.

Best ultralight tent

What is an Ultralight Tent?

An ultralight shelter should be lightweight, first and foremost.  It should also be durable, adaptable, and easy to use.  It should be good quality and a good value for the money.  A shelter will earn a rave ultralight tent review if it performs well outdoors.

Why To Use The Best Ultralight Tent?

There are four main reasons you should consider using the best ultralight tent.  First, it is lighter and easier to carry, which is better for your body.  Your body will appreciate a much lighter load.  Second, this tent allows you to cover more ground because you are lighter on your feet.  Third, it supports the goal of living simply by philosophically focusing on the experience.  Finally, you can bring some other less essential things with the space saved.  Maybe you would like to bring a book along or a camera to take pictures?

Which Ultralight Tent is Best? 

You must evaluate a few important components to determine the best ultralight tent for you.  You need to consider your specific needs, skills, and abilities when selecting your tent.  The best tent for you depends upon your specific circumstance and need, as well as your individual skill set.

Safety and Protection

A tent must protect you from the elements – climate, terrain, and bugs, in particular.  The traditional double-wall shelter with dedicated poles is the best ultralight tent for this.  Other ultralight systems, including tarps, tarp tents, and pyramids, offer less protection.

Best ultralight tent

A traditional (double-wall, dedicated pole) ultralight tent protects on all sides from the elements.  An inner tent protects from condensation in wet, humid conditions, and it also protects from bugs.  A waterproof floor protects from wet, muddy ground.  This tent also provides extra warmth because it is enclosed.  And, it affords privacy that may not be available with other types of tents.

A tarp tent is a single-layer ultralight tent with a floor and bug mesh.  It does not have any dedicated poles.  It provides some but very little protection from the elements.  Vestibule doors afford some privacy.  But, this tent will not provide warmth as a double-wall shelter would.

A pyramid is a single-layer ultralight tent without dedicated poles and a permanent floor.  You can add an inner tent for additional protections from weather and bugs.  The pyramid tent doors do provide privacy.  However, the tent does not provide much warmth, as is true for the tarp tent.

A tarp is the lightest type of ultralight tent that provides minimal element protection.  The skill of the user determines the type of element protection.  It does not provide privacy or much in the way of warmth.  However, you can add some pieces for certain protections, as desired.


Those new to ultralight systems should invest in a traditional tent (double-wall, dedicated pole).  Ultralight pros will also like a traditional tent when it rains.  Those wanting a good ultralight shelter with some tent protections should get a tarp tent.   Those who want protection from rain but not from bugs should get a pyramid tent.  Experienced users desiring versatility in their set up options should invest in a tarp.  It does not offer much in the way of protections unless optional pieces are added.  However, experienced users can set it up in an endless number of different configurations.

Skill Level

Novice users should invest in a traditional tent, which is easy to set up.  Users with some experience can master the tarp tent, which sets up easily with practice.  Experienced users that can choose optional components will do well with a pyramid tent.  Expert users with site selection experience will do well with a tarp.  It is the best ultralight tent for rougher terrain.

Final Considerations about best ultralight tent

An ultralight shelter that forgoes serious protection from the elements can help you lighten up.  These shelters can include tarps and pyramid tents.  You can purchase optional components to customize shelters in inclement weather and environments.  Many websites provide an ultralight tent review in conjunction with advice regarding separate tent components.

Another consideration regards securing the tent within its environment.  Most tents include a guy line, but you must typically purchase stakes separately.  You can mix and match different guy lines and stakes to maximize weight savings.  The selection of guy lines and stakes abound.  And, any ultralight tent review will typically provide a recommendation for these items.

Best ultralight tent

One final consideration relates to fabric choices.  Cuben fiber and SilNylon are better materials for an ultralight tent.  Cuben is more expensive but lighter, extremely waterproof and more durable than SilNylon.

For longer hiking, biking, or climbing events, you should go ultralight to lighten your load.  You should consider the combined weight of important essentials and minimize their total load.  Such essentials include provisions for shelter, sleeping, clothing and sustenance.  A lightweight shelter choice should be part of your decision to go ultralight.  Your choice as to the best ultralight tent is an important one.  And, it requires some very careful deliberation.  Ultralight shelters differ from one another in a variety of ways.  Specifically, they differ in terms of their ease of use, element resistance, durability, and adaptability.  You should find an ultralight tent review online to help locate the best ultralight tent.

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