Winterial Single Person Tent Review

The thought of sharing tents with others gives jitters to people, who prefer staying alone. Winterial Single Person Tent, Personal Bivy Tent | Lightweight Backpacking Tent reviewThe camping is a means of rejuvenation and carrying gadgets that enhance this experience will always be a satisfying bet.

The one of the best ultralight tent, Winterial single person tent is an important thing, that’s absolutely necessary for people, who want to stay in their own cocoons. The ultralight backpacking tent is a 3 season tent, and is suitable to use while heading for hiking, hunting and exploring.  Although, the tent can be used for 3 seasons, it is most comfortable for summer explorers.

Winterial Single Person Tent Details

The Winterial single person is a top ranked single user tent that is perfect for any camping and hiking experience. The ultralight backpacking tent is an easy to setup Bivy tent. The ultralight tent offers open air- netting which means that the summer won’t be uncomfortable in this tent.

Winterial Single Person Tent, Personal Bivy Tent. Lightweight Backpacking Tent Review

The tent falls under the premium category for the features that it offers. It comes with factory seaming. The hemming in all sides and corners ensures sturdiness and longevity of the tent. The ultralight backpacking tent also has a sturdy strengthened rainfly that caters to the waterproofing needs of the tent. The rainfly of the Winterial Single Person Tent acts as a great ventilation during hot summer nights when the fly is folded. Similarly, the windy winter nights can be prevented by secure hooking of the rainfly in the tent.

The Product Specifications

Winterial Single Person Tent
The ultralight tent is a great bivy tent that comes with 3 bundles of strong cord. These cords help in the easy installation of the tent during camping. Additionally, the ultralight tent comes with 14 heavy duty poles or stakes that can even resist tough ground. The stakes are designed in such a sturdy manner that it won’t hurt the camper on a hard ground; even sleeping won’t be a problem.

The tent weighs only 2.9 lbs. So, carrying it to any height or distance won’t trouble the hiker much. The two poles used in the tent are made up of aluminium, so that the tent can be prevented from rusting. Aluminium doesn’t have the tendency to rust like other metals and are strong enough to be used effectively for tents.

The open dimension of the ultralight backpacking tent comes at 40x30x92 inches, which is decent enough to accommodate one person comfortably. The icing on the cake is the price at which the tent is available. The ultralight tent is quite affordable and it offers features much better than its competitors at the price range.

The hoop designing of the tent consequently makes this tent simple and easy to build up. The two poles included in the ultralight tent almost breeze together based on the tightness of the retention cords. The ultralight tent as a result, can be set up in a very tight manner which can create enough room space for a comfortable stay of the individual. The big zippered door further enhances the accessibility of the tent.

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