Best family tent come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The large family tents that are right for some families, aren’t necessarily right for you. Which explains the wide variety of family tent reviews on the market today. There are a variety of considerations you should make when trying to choose the best family tent.

Best Family Tent Reviews

Best Family Tent Review Size

Are you looking for a large family tent for camping? You’ll notice that tents are advertised as two man, or four man, or more. This essentially means how many people you can fit in the tent for the purposes of sleeping. It does not factor in the backpacking gear, or any other personal items you may be travelling with. This system makes perfect sense for light travelling backpackers. If looking for best family tent it wont help you.

The best 2 person tent is suitable for one person. Therefore, you should divide the rating in half to determine its true capacity. Consider this, each person should be allotted 30 square feet of tent floor space. If you’re heading on a longer trip, you may want to increase that.

Also factor in your height. If you are tall then you’re going to need a tent that stands at least a foot taller than you, otherwise you’re going to be cramped. You also should factor in that you will need almost three feet per person just to sleep comfortably, and stow their personal items. In addition to room for moving around. Just because you’re roughing it, doesn’t mean large family tent should be unbearable.

Ideally, your tent for two adults will be ten by ten feet. This will provide enough space for getting ready, as well as sleeping bags or cots. Your small children can easily fit in a smaller tent. Especially when they’re a bit older and want their own space. You should provide them with a five by seven tent. Although, when buying your teens, a tent, consider them adults.

Large Family Tents Concerns Review

You should beware of best family tent for camping that is bigger than ten by ten. These tents run into three big problems. The first problem is finding a smooth, level area that is sufficiently sized to set your tent up. Your tent needs to sit on as level a spot as possible. In some reviews, you may find that best family tent is referred as best 8 person tent.

Secondly, large family tents can be seriously heavy. It won’t be a problem transporting it in the car. However, if you’re having to carry it a distance after loading and unloading it, it can be tedious. Additionally, do you want everyone to get sleeping and dressing in the same tent? You’re now facing privacy issues when dealing with large family tents for camping. It may be fine when your children are wrong, but as they grow up, it won’t be as simple.

As you will notice in our Family Tent Reviews, the height is another key factor.Thats why the height inside is also important to comfort. You should be able to stand up in your family tent, so plan for the tallest person. Also, remember tents slope sharply in a downward angle.

Best Family Tent Shape

Tents have four shapes: dome, wall, umbrella, and a-frame.

Large Family Tent Inside

The dome resembles a combination of triangles that are connected, and comes in a variety of shapes. The wall is similar to the a-frame, but larger. The umbrella shape is the most commonly type used for large family tents. The a-frame resembles a typical pup tent, but comes in a variety of sizes.

A tent with square flooring is more efficient for laying out the gear and sleeping arrangements. However, there are a variety of factors that many not make it possible for your large family tent to have squares. If your tent flooring is more rounded, then you’ll need to allow additional floor space. This will compensate for the lack of efficiency.

Best Family Tent Review of Poles And Fabric

Poles tend to be made of fiberglass, or aluminum. The majority of best family tents have linked poles. They are held together with elastic cording, which makes the set up easier. Additionally, poles can break or bend. Thus, many manufacturers include emergency links for repairs.

Most large family tents are made using nylon. The best family tent will use coated nylon so that they are waterproof. For the inner walls, nylon mesh. For the window screens, mesh. The best family tent will use thick, rip-stop fabric.

You should also test zippers while shopping. A zip should be easy to open and close. It certainly shouldn’t get caught in the fabric, nor should it stick. A zipper should be made of a material that doesn’t rust.

Seams & Weather

Your large family tent seams should have reinforcement, generally with nylon tape. The tape should be stitched into every seam, which make it more durable, and weatherproof. Every waterproof seam should feature a sealer and be waterproofed. Best family tent for camping should also come with seam sealer. You can set your tent up at home before the trip to apply the sealer. Allow it plenty of time to dry before you pack it away. The sealing should be applied annually.

Weather can put different demands on your large family tent. The cold, the rain, the heat and sun, and the wind can all have a different impact. You will need sturdy poles, as anchor ropes and stakes for high winds. Winter tents are igloo shaped to reduce the effect of the wind. In addition they and can also withstand heavy snowfall. The arrangement of their poles provides extra stability.

Large Family Tent Is Sustainable to Rain

Best Family Tent Sustainable to Weather

There are two factors to consider when it comes to rain. The first being that you want to keep the rain out. The second being that you need enough room to remain comfortable while riding out severe weather. Additionally, best family tents should have a waterproof rainfly, made from coated nylon. This rainfly wraps around the tent, reaching almost to the ground. As a result, it will keep rain out even in high wind situations. It should extend over the door so that you can enter and exit your large family tent without letting rain in.

As we advice in this family tent review, the floor must be coated nylon, too. It should cover the floor, as well as around six inches of every side of the tent. A bathtub floor is ideal, as it features very few seams. Thus, providing less access for rain to get into your temporary home.

When camping in the heat your large family tents for camping will need to provide airflow and shade. A rainfly will provide sufficient shade. While screened windows on either side of a tent will offer adequate airflow.

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